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'The artist is not whole. Only his work is whole.' Henry Miller

We love the tree in full bloom, not the tree bearing
only one branch. We argue in favour of a multi talent,
wide,expanded,against the life of the old skool ideal;
the office monkeys who dwell in cloister and retreat.
For there is something beyond giving ourselves to one
absolute. Perhaps wholeness for us is a different thing
from the wholeness of the simple man.
We may have a core, an absolute which is an equilibrium
in space and motion, whereas the unity of a simple life
consists of a static choice. No further growth.

Fulfilment is the completion of the circle. All aspects
of oneself lived out. A personality is one who has
unrolled the ribbon,unfolded the petals, exposed all
the layers. It does not matter where one begins: with
instinct or wisdom, with nature or spirit.

The fulfilment means the experience of all parts of the
self, all the elements, all the planes. It means each
cell of the body comes alive, awakened. It is a process
of nature, and not of the ideal. One dies when the
cells are exhausted, one reaches plentitude when they
all function, the dream,desire,instinct,appetite. One
awakens the other. It is contagion. The order does not
matter. All the errors are necessary, the stutterings,
the blunders and the blindness. The end is to cover all
terrain, all routes. No spaces to skip. Any skipping of
a phase only retards the branchlike unfolding. Growth,
expansion,plentitude of the potential self. To live
only one aspect or one side of the personality is like
using only one sense,and the others become atrophied.
There is greatness only in fulfilment, in the fullness
of awakening. Completion means the symphony. Sublimation
means to condemn to immobility certain members of the
body for the sake of the monstrous developent of others.
Like the abnormal sensitivity of the blind, the
unusually keen hearing of the mute. It is monstrous.
Psychologically, a great personality is a circle
touching something at every point. A circle with a core.
A process of nature, growth, not the ideal. The ideal
is an error. Life is a full circle, widening until it
joins the circle motions of the infinite.

words by nin & bastard

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Born in Glasgow in 1967. Alexander Paton is an award winning Writer Director. Since 1991 , Creating his own unique style of storytelling through commercials, music videos and short documentaries. A Cannes Gold Lion winner for his long running irn bru campaign, D&AD Judge and Director of The Best Scottish Television Commercial of all time. (Public Vote). Based in Amsterdam, where he founded Alexander Paton Films in July 2015. Latest clients: Hifi Sean, Public Enemy, Badhuis Theater. *Also Draws with charcoal and paper. ​