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Album cover for My Dads Mate Alan. Produced by Bastard. Concept & Design by B 'n' B. Click on link to listen to music.

'GO'- My Dads Mate Alan.
Directed by Bastard

'STYLE' - My Dads Mate Alan & Charles Bukowski.
Directed by Bastard & Ferreri.

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Born in Glasgow in 1967. Alexander Paton is an award winning Writer Director. Since 1991 , Creating his own unique style of storytelling through commercials, music videos and short documentaries. A Cannes Gold Lion winner for his long running irn bru campaign, D&AD Judge and Director of The Best Scottish Television Commercial of all time. (Public Vote). Based in Amsterdam, where he founded Alexander Paton Films in July 2015. Latest clients: Hifi Sean, Public Enemy, Badhuis Theater. *Also Draws with charcoal and paper. ​